Great Asian Massage With Shower Service In Armstrong CA

Swedish Massage

Popular modality to relax the entire body
It is a traditional Swedish practice that includes massaging techniques like cupping and kneading to release the muscle tension. Our therapists induce a state of total relaxation to stimulate your body and mind. This ancient ritual technique restores your energy balance by massaging along the sensitive portion of your body. The gentle form of the massage includes deep circular movements to relax and energize you.
If you’re looking for a quality Swedish massage, visit us to book an appointment. We can help you relax and refresh your mind. Call 209-808-4491 to talk to our Swedish spa experts.

Deep Tissue Massage

Reduce stress and anxiety & treats back pain
This form of massage therapy realigns the muscle layers and resolves stiffness and chronic pain. It differs from the normal massaging therapy and uses various techniques to be more successful, vigorous and long lasting. When our Asian massage therapists perform the therapy, they release the tension and adhesions, increases blood circulation, and promote range of motion.
Our licensed Asian massage therapists offer the best deep tissue massage at a very reasonable price. Relax in our beautiful and calm spa setting. Contact us to regain the energy balance.

Hot Stone Treatment

Relieve muscle tension and pain & boost immunity
Our massage therapist places hot stones in your specific pressure points like spine, stomach, chest, palms and feet. When special massaging techniques are applied, the heat along with the pressure releases the energy blockages and promotes blood circulation. This technique is repeated until you sense a feel of complete relaxation.
Are you looking for a quality hot stone treatment near Armstrong, CA? Get the best offers from our Asian massage services to rejuvenate your mind, and body.